Johanna Vargas


Johanna Patricia Vargas… casually sensuous, timeless, sassy and either ‘tranquilla’ or combative depending on how the day’s going.

Ok, she stole that from Circles’ Robinson’s description of Cuba from Havana Times online magazine, but honest to god that’s her. Johanna is a bodyworker/licensed massage therapist and Chicago-based writer and artist. She also trains aerial rope, martial arts, hat juggling and foot juggling. She’s told stories with Loose Chicks and will perform circus stuff soon. She swears. She’s a spiritual slut, being mono-G_d-ous, meaning, dude- it’s all the same divine lifeforce- we’re all talking about the same thing, and heathen that she is, she knows we’re all manifestations of It (the divine, NOT the Stephen King clown). Most importantly, and this is what guides her work and sometimes poor-but-ohsocolorful-life-choices, she knows that we only manifest to learn what we came here to learn, this life is all illusion, our personal pot of gold is found only by going through that which we most hate/fear and we’re all just here helping each other grow and develop, or as Ram Dass puts it, we’re all just walking each other home.