Jharmaine Boyd


Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Jharmaine has never considered herself as a creative let alone an artist. However, she has always loved great stories. She was the friend who always had a very descriptive story to tell. 🙂 When God saved her, He revealed to her that her storytelling wasn’t haphazard, but a sweet passion He gave to her for His glory. Jharmaine began to tell stories in her private time with God. She would play cinematic, ambient music and just recite a story. She began using this talent to express joys, frustrations, fears, etc. with the Lord. It began to evolve into sharing stories of past hurts, current sanctification, and injustices in the world. Overtime, her private conversations became public. It began with her attending an open mic event with a few friends. No one wanted to perform and she felt so bad for the host. She thought “Might as well share one of my private convos”. Looking back, she realized God was pushing her to the call He has on her life to use her storytelling gift to draw people to Him. Her love for storytelling has significantly grown because she began to realize God has given her the best story to tell – His story. In His sweetness, He revealed she was always an artist. Jharmaine’s stories create art that prayerfully reflects Him like a mirror that helps us (including her) to know Him, to make our hearts sing. I know you are probably wondering, does she still have her private dramas? Absolutely. She is probably in the middle of one as you read this. 😉 She is inspired by God and people’s life experiences that make them see God, question God, or even turn their back on Him. She aims to create art that is provocative, relevant, and ultimately points us all back to Christ.