Gillian Hemme


Gillian Hemme is a performer, writer, and director. She has studied at Grinnell College, Pacifica Graduate Institute, the National Theatre Institute, and Piven Theatre Workshop.

Gillian has appeared on stage with Piven, The Moth, tenx9 Chicago, Literate Ape’s Bughouse, Something Marvelous, Prop Thtr, Jubilee Theatre Collective, Prologue, the Chicago Fringe Festival, and the International Theatre Festival in Taiwan. Her on-camera credits include Mind Games and The Onion, and she is represented by Big Mouth Talent. At Piven, she teaches PEEP (Piven Empowerment through Enrichment Program) classes for adults with developmental disabilities. She and Beth Voitik started the EPIC ensemble at Cook County Jail, where she and an outstanding team of teachers develop original performances with an incredible group of women in detention.