Megan Henricks

Megan Henricks is a writer, performer, and pie slinger from Chicago, IL. She studied acting at The Theatre School at DePaul University, became a talent agent for a couple minutes after she graduated, and has since made her way back to her own creative endeavors. She enjoys pet parades and has seen arguably too much […]

Allis Carvalho

Allis Carvalho is a student, researcher and aspiring adult. She writes poetry that *attempts* to acknowledge how societal constructions/assumptions inform personal experience. Her work ironically covers relationships, gender oppression, emotionality, grief and the occasional reference to the evils of Capitalism. She is always a week behind on her word of the day calendar. She likes using […]

Ada Cheng

Ada Cheng is a professor-turned storyteller, improviser, and stand-up comic. She is a one-time Moth storyslam winner, a presenter at the National Storytelling Conference, and a runner-up at Chicago’s Bughouse Square Debates. She has been featured at storytelling shows in Chicago and Atlanta. She has also told stories at The Moth in Chicago, New York, […]

Jillian Erickson

JILLIAN ERICKSON is a producer, director, writer, performer and pain in the ass… and not necessarily in that order… Jillian explores the themes of identity, compassion and mental health with an intensity and humor that is uniquely her own. Erickson is co-producer of Loose Chicks, and is the co-producer/director of the long running BEAST WOMEN. She […]