Carma Rae Gold

By way of Florida, by way of Alabama, by way of Indiana, Carma has landed in Chicago to call the city of Big Shoulders her home. In the classic Jeckyll and Hyde dichotomy, she is a nurse and massage therapist by day, and a stand-up and story-teller, by night. She offers introspective tales told with […]

Phyllis Porche

Phyllis Porche

Phyllis Porché grew up on the south side of Chicago and is a writer, storyteller, teacher, and fiber artist. She is a Moth StorySlam winner and has told stories at Literate Ape, First Person Live, This Much is True, and other live lit events.  Phyllis also writes fiction and she believes the best stories come from the absurdities […]

Jillian Erickson

JILLIAN ERICKSON is a producer, director, writer, performer and pain in the ass… and not necessarily in that order… Jillian explores the themes of identity, compassion and mental health with an intensity and humor that is uniquely her own. Erickson is co-producer of Loose Chicks, and is the co-producer/director of the long running BEAST WOMEN. She […]

Roberta Miles

ROBERTA MILES’ award-winning autobiographical monologues touch on growing up in Chicago in the 70’s and her life’s indiscretions and romantic regrets. Roberta chronicles her quest for mental and physical health with brutally hilarious candor. She has crafted her monologues into the one-woman show, I Want a Banana, and Other Desperate Love Stories, which she has […]