Suzanne Clores

Suzanne Clores is an author and essayist. Her work has appeared in Salon, Elle, The Rumpus, and The Nervous Breakdown, and has aired on Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ) the Radiotopia podcast Strangers, and her own podcast, The Extraordinary Project.

Mary Lorenz

Since moving to Chicago six years ago for a job and an intense craving for Ann Sather cinnamon rolls, Mary Lorenz has performed improv, sketch and storytelling all over the Chicago area. Today, Mary is an ensemble cast member at Laugh Out Loud Theater in Schaumburg and an artistic associate at Chemically Imbalanced Theater in […]

Erin Conlon

Erin Conlon is a writer, comedian, storyteller, and producer based in Chicago. When she’s not using her words, you can find her riding around on her motorcycle or hanging out by the lake.

Calle Hack

Calle Hack is a producer and copywriter for a toy company during the day and dabbles in freelance writing by night. She has written for satire sites, Reductress and Whiskey Journal, beauty and lifestyle sites, xovain and The Establishment, and journal articles that took her far too long to complete for some other publications. She is a […]

Lynne Roberts

Lynne Roberts is a Chicago comedian and storyteller. She has performed at Gilda’s LaughFest, Chicago SketchFest, and Beast Women. She wants to make people laugh and have fun, but sometimes she just wants to share. She apologizes in advance for sharing too much!

Roberta Miles

ROBERTA MILES’ award-winning autobiographical monologues touch on growing up in Chicago in the 70’s and her life’s indiscretions and romantic regrets. Roberta chronicles her quest for mental and physical health with brutally hilarious candor. She has crafted her monologues into the one-woman show, I Want a Banana, and Other Desperate Love Stories, which she has […]