Carma Rae Gold

By way of Florida, by way of Alabama, by way of Indiana, Carma has landed in Chicago to call the city of Big Shoulders her home. In the classic Jeckyll and Hyde dichotomy, she is a nurse and massage therapist by day, and a stand-up and story-teller, by night. She offers introspective tales told with […]

Kate Wooters

Kate is best known as a comedian. Among her many performance credits, she has performed with the Kates, Beast Women, Second City, and the Chicago Women’s Funny festival. She’s also an excellent pianist.

Cora Vasseur

Cora Vasseur

Cora Vasseur is a wordsmith with a dry sense of humor who likes to see things differently. She’s a graduate of Second City’s Comedy Writing Program and a country-folk singer-songwriter.

Calle Hack

Calle Hack is a producer and copywriter for a toy company during the day and dabbles in freelance writing by night. She has written for satire sites, Reductress and Whiskey Journal, beauty and lifestyle sites, xovain and The Establishment, and journal articles that took her far too long to complete for some other publications. She is a […]