Colleen Patterson

Colleen Patterson is a naturally funny person from Virginia who performs stand up and storytelling wherever she can. February 4, you can find her performing with the kates on Broadway at the Laugh Factory Chicago.

Stephanie Nicole Hammond

Stephanie Nicole Hammond

The first things anyone will notice about Stephanie Hammond when meeting her are her sassy good-natured humor, her love for all things sparkly, and her sharp eye for a good story. Stephanie is a West Virginia transplant who has made Chicago her home and playground. After attending West Virginia University, Stephanie quickly realized that an […]

Karen McKie

Karin McKie

Karin McKie is a writer, actor, BodyPumper, and animal aficionado. She is Managing Director of ComedySportz Chicago, overseeing the 28-year-old improv theater complex, where she is creating a live lit/improvisation mash-up called “Kill Your Darlings.” Karin reviews the arts, focusing on documentary and independent film, for the national Edge Media Network, under the pen name Louise Adams, […]

Kalisha Buckhanon

Kalisha Buckhanon is the author of novels CONCEPTION and UPSTATE.

Jillian Erickson

JILLIAN ERICKSON is a producer, director, writer, performer and pain in the ass… and not necessarily in that order… Jillian explores the themes of identity, compassion and mental health with an intensity and humor that is uniquely her own. Erickson is co-producer of Loose Chicks, and is the co-producer/director of the long running BEAST WOMEN. She […]

Maggie Wagner

Maggie Wagner

Maggie Wagner, like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Garrison Keillor and Prince, is a storyteller who hails from Minneapolis – St. Paul.