Erica Cruz Hernandez

Erica Cruz Hernandez is a Chicago performer, talent agent, and ensemble member with Chicago’s Spanish speaking Aguijón Theater Company. As a performer, credits with Aguijón include La Chunga. Querido Voyeur, Antigona, and the bilingual production of Soldaderas at the company’s home theatre here in Chicago, in addition to performances for the Goodman Theatre’s Latino Theatre Festival and the Festival de Mujeres en […]

Ann Marie

Ann Marie is a Chinese opera singing, playwriting, joke telling, filmmaking, hard femme with way too many hobbies. Having performed for the past 17 years, Ann Marie has participated in every aspect of the theatre scene from sketch comedy to puppeteering Turkish shadow theatre. You can see her around Chicago performing stand up at the […]

Alexa Deen

Alexa Deen did pageants for 5 years. She legitimately thought if she could win Miss America that all her problems would be solved.

Holly Beaudry

Holly Beaudry has studied and performed improvisational comedy all over the United States. Most recently, she performed as one half of the improv duo “Slightly Altered,” until her other half moved to LA. Holly has refocused her efforts as a solo performer doing character monologues and stand‐up comedy all over the city and has been described […]

Jillian Erickson

JILLIAN ERICKSON is a producer, director, writer, performer and pain in the ass… and not necessarily in that order… Jillian explores the themes of identity, compassion and mental health with an intensity and humor that is uniquely her own. Erickson is co-producer of Loose Chicks, and is the co-producer/director of the long running BEAST WOMEN. She […]