Johanna Vargas

Johanna Patricia Vargas… casually sensuous, timeless, sassy and either ‘tranquilla’ or combative depending on how the day’s going. Ok, she stole that from Circles’ Robinson’s description of Cuba from Havana Times online magazine, but honest to god that’s her. Johanna is a bodyworker/licensed massage therapist and Chicago-based writer and artist. She also trains aerial rope, […]

Ada Cheng

Ada Cheng is a professor-turned storyteller, improviser, and stand-up comic. She is a one-time Moth storyslam winner, a presenter at the National Storytelling Conference, and a runner-up at Chicago’s Bughouse Square Debates. She has been featured at storytelling shows in Chicago and Atlanta. She has also told stories at The Moth in Chicago, New York, […]

J.H. Palmer

J.H. Palmer has occasional superpowers, which include the ability to communicate with house cats, Facebooking, and running pretty fast sometimes. She is also a writer and storyteller, and contributes to Gapers Block and Chicago Theater Beat. She has appeared at a number of storytelling venues, including Story Lab, Story Club, Essay Fiesta, Tuesday Funk, This Much […]

Rebecca Duxler

Your Friendly Neighborhood Uber Driver by day, literary artist, and athlete by night, Rebecca Duxler is always hungry for adventures. As a self-identified nerd, she is usually found taking people’s breath away on a Dance Dance Revolution Machine, in the kitchen cooking way too much food, giving people light shows, on the computer writing stories, […]

Lexi Saunders

Lexi Saunders is a performer, director, and teaching artist from Los Angeles with her B.A. in Theatre and B.S. in Behavioral Psychology from UC San Diego. She is now based in Chicago where she has worked with various theatre companies including Victory Gardens, Steep, Walkabout, Redmoon, About Face, Collaboraction, Pride Films and Plays, Something Marvelous, […]

Jillian Erickson

JILLIAN ERICKSON is a producer, director, writer, performer and pain in the ass… and not necessarily in that order… Jillian explores the themes of identity, compassion and mental health with an intensity and humor that is uniquely her own. Erickson is co-producer of Loose Chicks, and is the co-producer/director of the long running BEAST WOMEN. She […]